We offer all of our customers a warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Repairs prior to August 1st, 2017 carry a 90-day warranty. Repairs after August 1st, 2017 carry a 30-day warranty.

What does our warranty cover?
Glass: If your glass/digitizer malfunctions (does not register touches, is coming un-adhered, etc.) we will replace your glass free-of-charge. Please note: if your glass is lifting or coming off due to your phone being bend or dented we will not replace your screen free-of-charge.

LCD: If your LCD has brightness issues, does not turn on, is not functioning, has manufacturer’s defects which are not limited to: more than three (3) stuck pixels, bubbles, etc. we will replace your LCD free-of-charge.

What does our warranty not cover?

Damage of any kind. If your screen is cracked we cannot return it to our suppliers. If your glass/LCD is damaged in any way we cannot replace it free-of-charge.