1608 20th St. NW #3 - Washington, DC 20009 - 8:30am-5:30pm M-F | 9:00am-2:00pm Sat | Closed Sun
We’re here to help you figure out your apple stuff.
“Just do it for me.”

7 years ago we set out to make it easy and inexpensive to get your white Macbook fixed. 7 years later we’ve fixed over 20,000 devices and we’ve realized that as the devices that we fix get faster, shinier, and more sophisticated they are harder and harder to just use on a day to day basis. From figuring out why our iPhone says that the storage is full to answering the million dollar question “are my photos really backed up to iCloud?” we want to help. Taking inspiration from our customers and our mother/aunt Lynne, we are launching a one-on-one tutoring program called CrackedMacSessions. Want to learn how to do something on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac? We can teach you everything you could ever want to know. Want us to just do it for you? We can do that too.

  • One-on-one help in a private office overlooking Dupont Circle
  • Anything iPad, iPhone, or Mac related that you would like to learn/talk about we can accomodate.
  • $65 per hour flat rate cost.
What are some examples of things that we can help you with?

Backing Up Data To The Cloud

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud Drive
  • Editing documents online

Upgrading your Apple device

  • Backing up and transferring contacts, photos, apps
  • Syncing of contacts, email addresses
  • Exploring new device features

iPhone and iOS Basics

  • Installing and deleting apps
  • Customizing notifications/sounds
  • Facetime basics

New to Apple?

  • Mac apps that replace your PC apps
  • Data migration (we can do it for you)
  • Mac OS basics to advanced

Scanning + Signing Documents

  • Scanning and signing documents easily
  • Editing PDF’s and Word documents on your iPad/iPhone/Mac
  • Using apps like Scanpro
  • Backing up documents once they are signed

Sharing photos from your camera

  • iPhoto and Apple Photos migration
  • Exporting photos
  • Uploading photos to the web/Facebook
Who will be teaching you?