theprocessword   I dropped my Apple device and I think I need my screen replaced… Whether you dropped your Macbook, stepped on your Macbook Pro, cracked your iPhone glass on the cement, or rolled on top of your iPad, we’re here to help. If your screen has lines going down it, has what appears to be black ink spreading across it, is completed unreadable, has visible cracks, or has only part of the screen turning on,[blue]you need your screen replaced.[/blue] Can you explain your prices? For local repairs inside of our service areas, the price on our website includes labor, parts, and local service. In fact, it doesn’t matter how broken your screen is because we replace the entire LCD and/or glass.[blue]The prices on our website are also exactly what you pay,[/blue]meaning that if and when we repair your Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad or iPod the rate online is exactly what you pay. Nothing extra. For repairs through our Ship-In Program, the price on our website includes two-way shipping. In fact, the price is the same whether we come to you or whether you ship it to us. thepriceisthesame I like that my repair will cost a lot less and get done a lot quicker than going to the Apple Store, but what if I have questions? We perform local repairs in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas and we perform repairs for everyone else through our nationwide Ship-In Program. If you have questions, feel free to contact us using the information on the contact page for DC for local repairs or on the Ship In Repairs page for repairs through our Ship-In Program. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page too, that will answer a lot of your questions. I like your prices, my questions are answered, and I’m ready for my repair. For local repairs, once you contact us, we’ll set up a repair time. It's best if you fill out a repair form and let us know what your schedule looks like the next few days. We get extremely busy and same-day repairs are often difficult to swing. But no matter what, when we do perform your repair, we do it right in front of you. For repairs through our Ship-In Program, once you contact us and we set-up your Ship-In repair, we'll email you your shipping label with instructions for getting your Apple device to us. But where does the repair happen? For[blue]local repairs,[/blue]if you are within our service area we come to YOU for free. If you live outside of our service area, contact us anyway and we can probably work something out. Whether you feel comfortable meeting at Starbucks, at the library, at your house, during your lunch break, at work, or at school, we’ll meet you there and get the repair done. For repairs WAY outside of our service areas, the[blue]Ship-In Program[/blue]is the best way to get your repair done. Two-way shipping is included for free. Your Apple device will be shipped to our Nationwide Service Center in Washington, DC. Once the repair is done, how do I pay? For local repairs we accept all major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Discover, Mastercard), checks as well as cash. You’ll receive a emailed receipt that details what was performed and has our contact information as well as warranty information. For the Ship-In Program, once we receive your device and have performed the repair, we'll email you a before and after picture as well as a payment link through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay with a credit card. Alternatively, you can include a check or money order when you ship in your Apple device. Contact us for more details. So there’s a warranty? What if I break my Apple product again? With your repair you’ll get a 6-month warranty that protects against manufacturer’s defects like brightness issues, screen failure, etc. We are a bunch of normal guys that want you to be 100% happy with your screen, so if you happen to break your screen again during the life of your Apple device, we’ll replace it the second time for 50% off. Sounds good. Thanks! That’s pretty much how it’s done. Bottom line is that we love making people’s days with fixing their Apple devices for a fraction of the cost of services that don’t offer half of the things that we do. No one else can do what we do. If you are in our service areas we come to you for free and do your repair right in front of you. If you aren't in our service area, two-way shipping is free. We just want to fix your Apple device for less and as quickly as possible. So if you like what you hear, click "View Pricing" below. [button2 link=""] View Pricing » [/button2]