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The Future of CrackedMacScreen, Mobile Repairs

The Future of CrackedMacScreen, Mobile Repairs

CrackedMacScreen was created in February of 2009 for one reason: to provide an affordable solution to the problem of broken screens on white Macbooks. What started as a one-page website in Dreamweaver, a virtual voicemail system (with a voiceover from our mom) and a box of screens bought off of eBay has evolved into a full-time business for my brother and me.

We used to drive hours for Mac repairs because we were doing one every couple of days. Colin moved to Nashville in 2011 to start a branch there, I moved our “headquarters” from Philadelphia to DC while still servicing both cities. Colin then moved to DC and we consolidated business here. We finally got an office, then moved into a bigger office, then rented both offices, then moved a few blocks away to an even bigger office, all while servicing Washington, DC’s broken iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs with a mobile repair service.

Our goal with CrackedMacScreen is that we want to help as many customers as we can in the fastest and highest quality manner possible. Because there are just the two of us (and because we don’t want to take on another employee) we will no longer be providing “mobile” repairs in the DC area. All repairs will now be performed at our office in Dupont Circle. This will allow us to service customers faster, in a controlled environment (with less dust, distractions, etc.) while our customers will be able to relax in our fun office space while waiting for their device to be fixed. All repairs will be performed in 45 minutes or less (by appointment only).

We are so excited for what the future holds for CrackedMacScreen and we look forward to being able to repair your cracked Apple devices faster and better.

Trevor and Colin