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iPod Touch 4th Generation

[symple_spacing size=”20px”] The iPod touch (4.5/5th Generation) is largely similar to the iPhone 4, and includes a 3.5″ 960×640 (326 ppi) “Retina display,” (albeit non-IPS), FaceTime video calling functionality — via Apple ID or e-mail address rather than exclusively phone numbers — using the integrated microphone and front-facing VGA camera, iMovie editing support and 3-axis gyroscope, as well as 720p recording capability (again, using a lower-quality camera).
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iPod Touch 4th Broken Glass

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iPod Touch 4th Generation Glass/LCD Repair

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Cracked iPod Touch Example Glass

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  • Repairs take 1 hour
  • 6-month warranty

[symple_highlight color=”yellow”]$109[/symple_highlight]

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ATTENTION: The $199 price above is for glass OR LCD repairs. If you damaged both your glass and your LCD (you would be able to “feel” the damage and you would see a distorted picture – crazy colors, black “ink”, etc.) the price would be $249.

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[symple_highlight color=”blue”]Local Repair FAQ’s[/symple_highlight]

[symple_accordion] [symple_accordion_section title=”Do you have a store or do you come to me?”] We perform all repairs at our Dupont Circle office (1608 20th St. NW #4).
[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”What if I’m really really far away from DC? (like in another state?)”] Our nationally recognized Ship In Program will be a perfect fit. It’s the same price as a local repair but includes two-way shipping. Click here to find out more.
[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”What are your hours?”] Monday – Friday we perform repairs from 8am-5pm (meaning the repair has to be completed by 5pm). Saturdays we perform repairs from 10am-3pm (meaning the repair has to be completed by 3pm). We perform repairs with appointments, drop off / pick up, or by walk-in.
[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”What payments do you accept?”] Cash is always appreciated (fees suck!) but we accept all credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and can either swipe a physical card or type in a card number (we’ll need the expiration, 3 or 4 digit code, and billing zip code.) We also accept checks.
[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”How do I schedule a repair / ask questions?”] The only way to contact us and/or set up a repair is to fill out the Repair Intake Form below.
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[symple_highlight color=”blue”]Payments[/symple_highlight]


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[symple_highlight color=”blue”]Meet Your Repair Techs[/symple_highlight]

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Repair Technician Washington DC

[symple_spacing size=”10px”] Trevor and Colin are Apple Certified technicians living in Washington, DC (and they’re brothers!). Trevor is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia while Colin is a graduate of University of Detroit Mercy. Together they have performed over 3,000 repairs on Macbooks, Macbook Pros, iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

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