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How do I get my Apple device to you?
We include two-way shipping free with every repair. Sometimes we can upgrade your shipping to overnight if you are close enough to our repair facility in Washington, DC. Once you contact us on below we’ll email you a label (either through FedEx or USPS)

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Do you ship me a box?
No. Shipping you a box would cost us more money and would delay your repair. We deduct the cost of the box that you will purchase yourself from your local FedEx/USPS facility.
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When do I pay/ How do I pay?
You don’t pay for your repair until we’ve received your device and we’ve repaired it. As soon as we receive your device we’ll email you with a status update saying that we received it and once your repair is done we’ll email you with a payment link. You can pay with a credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can include a check with your device when you ship it to us.
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How long will my repair take once you receive my device?
The majority of devices that are shipped to us get shipped out same day. The new Airs take 3-4 business days to complete and sometimes we’ll need to keep your device for an additional day if the device is delivered late or if we decide that the repair doesn’t look good enough to ship.
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Is there insurance with the two shipments?
Every shipment is insured to the value of your device.