Moms can be the middle-woman between 17-year olds and a successful Mac repair…

– Via Cedar Rapids, Iowa –

– Washington, DC –

Amanda filled out our trusty repair form for her 17 year-old son. He had accidentally broken the screen on his white Unibody Macbook 2009 and had to do some research to find the best screen repair company out there. Luckily for him (and us) he found and picked us. His mom acted as the go-between to make sure that we were legit.

We emailed her back from her repair form and got the repair going. She printed off her FedEx 2-Day label (free 2-Day shipping is included with all Mac repairs) and shipped out her son’s Mac on Saturday. Somehow we ended up getting it today (even though we weren’t really supposed to get it until tomorrow – FedEx is TOO fast). We performed her repair in about an hour and emailed her with a before/after picture and payment link. She paid through PayPal and we two-day’d her son’s Mac back to them. I’m sure he’ll be as thrilled as we are!

broken macbook screen cedar rapids iowa
Amanda's Macbook Before
Macbook repair cedar rapids iowa
Amanda's Macbook After

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