We’re very patient when waiting for your financial aid to come to pay for your Macbook Pro repair…

– Via Madison, Wisconsin –

– Washington, DC –

We spoke to Bryan about his Macbook Pro screen repair for about a week and a half before he was finally able to send it in. He was waiting on some financial aid to come through so wasn’t able to send out his Mac until he finally received it. He told us “I must be your most difficult customer ever!”. Honestly, nope! 🙂

Once he gave us the go-ahead, we emailed him his FedEx 2-Day label (for free) and he boxed up his Mac and shipped it out at the closest FedEx store to his house. We received his Mac two days later, removed his perfectly fine glass, removed his broken LCD, knocked out a few dents, and replaced his LCD. His Mac looks perfect and Bryan will be super excited I’m sure.

13-inch Macbook Pro LCD Repair
Bryan's Macbook Pro Before
LCD Repair Macbook Pro Unibody
Bryan's Macbook Pro After