Living in a dorm with three other guys might lead to you breaking your Macbook Pro glass…

– Washington, DC –

– George Washington University – Thurston Hall –

Noah sent in a repair form last week about the glass on his 13-inch Macbook Pro. While partying at GW University something fell off of the top bunk of his dorm room and smacked the top right corner of the glass on his Macbook Pro. The crack started small but grew larger in the time it took us to schedule his repair.

I met Noah at the front desk of Thurston Hall and we went up to his dorm room. There were four kids living in it! Man do I miss those college days (not!). So after 30 minutes (and 2 games of FIFA Soccer), Noah’s Mac was good as new. A brand new OEM piece of glass was on his Macbook Pro and he was back in action, ready to take on the rest of his college career!

broken macbook pro glass
Naoh's Macbook Pro Before
macbook pro glass repair washington dc
Naoh's Macbook Pro After