Little kids shouldn’t be allowed to hold an iPad 2 unless you want to give us a call…

– Bethesda, MD –

Paola frantically filled out a repair form the day after her son dropped her white iPad 2 on the tile floor of their Bethesda home. She uses the iPad daily for everything from reading the newspaper back home in Switzerland to playing episodes of kids shows to make her kids calm down. Unfortunately for Paola, last night her son let the iPad slip out of his fingers, cracking the bottom right corner of the glass in the process.

We drove out to Bethesda and met Paola at her home. In under an hour her iPad 2 was back to normal and Paola was literally jumping up and down with joy. Her life was back!

broken ipad 2 glass bethesda
Paola's iPad 2 Before
ipad 2 repair bethesda
Paola's iPad 2 After