“I Googled you guys, I know the whole story about how you got started doing iPhone repairs”…

– Washington, DC –

– Union Station –

Courtney’s repair form was actually pretty funny (as was she). She wrote that she “died a little bit inside” when she dropped her brand spanking new white iPhone 4S on the concrete. Her phone is her life, and she thought that her life was over. Luckily for Courtney her friend sent her a link to our site and she got to filling out our trusty repair form. But little did this repair tech know that Courtney was a Google PRO.

When I sat down at her repair in Union Station, not only did she know where I went to school but also how I got started, that I played soccer, and that I was from Michigan. She wanted to check up on us to make sure that I wouldn’t steal her phone! I told her that she should have looked at our Google Maps reviews and Facebook testimonials, but she needed extra assurance.

A half an hour later and her iPhone 4S was back in perfect condition and her research had been confirmed. Not only are we awesome at fixing phones, but we are really normal!

broken iPhone 4S
Courtney's iPhone 4S Before
cracked glass iPhone 4S
Courtney's iPhone 4S After

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