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Sometime’s we can’t completely fix your Mac and we’ll give you a discount…

– College Park, MD –

– University of Maryland –

Alex gave us a shout this week about the broken screen on his white Macbook. He accidentally stepped on it on Sunday, and ever since then, the Mac will turn off when it’s put to sleep and it takes forever to turn on. We explained that we might not be able to help him out, but that we would come out for the free housecall anyway.

So we met him at his apartment in College Park and saw that his Mac would only turn on after having the power button held down for a few seconds. Also, after being asleep, his Mac would shutdown after waking. We explained to him that we couldn’t fix those problems, but we could definitely fix his screen. We offered to take $50 off of the repair, and after a few frantic phonecalls to his dad, he went through with the repair. So at least he’ll be able to write papers on his Mac, although he’ll probably need a new one in a few months. Oh well!

Broken Macbook screen College Park
Alex's Broken Macbook Screen Before
Broken Macbook screen Maryland
Alex's Broken Macbook Screen After