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If you see us fixing someone’s broken iPhone 4 screen, grab a card…

– Washington, DC –

– Russell Senate Building –

We repaired the glass on an iPhone 4 last week for a girl named Kaitlyn at the Russell Senate Building on Capitol Hill. During the repair, one of her friends that worked in the building walked by and struck up a conversation with her. He said “Let me get one of your cards for my roommate, he’s always breaking things. I’ve got an iPhone 3GS but hopefully I won’t need you. Ha ha ha!”. This was her friend Blake, and little did we know but we would be hearing from him less than a week later.

He gave us a call this morning and told us about the fate of his iPhone 3GS. Glass. Dropped. Shattered.

We scheduled the repair for later today, met him in the same cafe as Kaitlyn, and his phone was back in action. Victory!

Broken iPhone 3GS Glass Washington DC
Blake's iPhone 3GS Glass Before
Fix Broken Cracked iPHone 3GS Glass
Blake's iPhone 3GS Glass After

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