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If you drop your iPhone 3GS, you may lose your service…

– Aston, PA –

Kristen emailed us yesterday for her husband Eddie. He had dropped his iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago and cracked the glass. Everything was find until a day ago when he began to lose service constantly. He could only make phone calls if he had really good service, and if he had bad service it was almost unusable. He had his wife email us for him because he couldn’t call!

So we agreed to meet his wife at her work in Aston, PA to diagnose the problem with Eddie’s iPhone 3GS. We opened it up and immediately saw that his antenna was unplugged. A little *click*, and his phone had five bars! SUCCESS!

We then replaced his glass and he was good to go.

iPhone 3GS cracked glass
Kristen's iPhone Before
iPhone 3GS cracked glass
Kristen's iPhone After