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Second iPhone 4 Glass Repairs are 50% off!

– Marlton, NJ –

You may remember Moira from a couple of months ago. She dropped her iPhone 4 back when we first started repairing them and shattered the glass on the front of her iPhone. We met her in the Philly area, repaired her iPhone, and she was good to go.

But two days ago, we received a frantic email and voicemail from her that she had cracked her iPhone 4 again! This time, she was down in Ocean City, NJ at the shore. We explained to her that we only service Philly, so she drove back up from the shore with her boyfriend and met us in Marlton, NJ. The second repair was $79 (which she loved).

Broken Glass iPhone 4
Moira's iPhone 4 Before
iPhone 4 glass repair
Moira's iPhone 4 After