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There’s a giant spider web on my iPhone 3GS

– Fashion Valley –

– San Diego, CA –

We hear ya, Colleen. Many times after someone has dropped their iPhone, the result often looks like a spider web. We’ve also heard it compared to what a windshield looks like after a rock has hit it. Colleen filled out one of our repair forms a couple days ago asking if we’d be able to help. We quickly called her back and explained that replacing cracked iPhone screens were our specialty. Apparently Colleen had broken her iPhone 3GS screen while getting out of the car. She had left it on her lap when she opened the door to exit. The phone went flying down straight to the concrete and the result you can see in the picture below. We set up a time to meet Colleen at her home in Fashion Valley. Within 30 minutes of walking in, we had Colleen’s iPhone looking like new again. We hope she doesn’t run into anymore spiders any time soon.

Colleen's iPhone 3GS before
Colleen's iPhone 3GS after

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