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There are several black blotches on my Macbook screen

– La Mesa –

– San Diego, CA –

When the LCD screen on a Mac cracks or breaks, the result can often look like black blotches taking up a great deal of screen. This was the way Devin described his screen to us. After a slight accident involving the family cat, Devin’s 13″ white Macbook had a huge black blotch right in the middle of the screen. Not wanting to take it to the Apple store and refusing to go through a neighbor who offered up some help, Devin began looking around for a local Apple certified company that could fix the broken screen of his Macbook. A few clicks later, he found us and was filling out one of our repair forms. Within minutes we were speaking with Devin and arranging a time for us to meet him at his home in La Mesa. We met Devin the next day and had his Macbook repaired in less than 40 minutes. He was delighted and told us his cat would no longer be allowed to use the computer.

Devin's Macbook before
Devin's Macbook after