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Mac Screen = Not so pretty

– Mission Valley –

– San Diego, CA –

So Jenny woke up a couple mornings ago to a Macbook screen that looked like it does in the picture below. She couldn’t quite recall what had happened other than falling asleep with her computer right next to her. The next morning she found it on the floor with a broken LCD screen. Being a student and not wanting to pay a fortune to get it fixed, she began looking for a local company that could repair her cracked Mac screen quickly and cheaply. Fortunately, she stumbled upon us and became a big fan of our website. She decided to fill out a repair form and wait for a return phone call. Within minutes we were on the horn with Jenny and setting up a time to meet her at her home in Mission Valley. A day later Jenny was staring at a brand new Macbook screen. She said she’d be mindful not to leave her computer on the side of her bed at night.

Jenny's Macbook before

Jenny's Macbook after