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Can you fix my iPhone at work?

– La Jolla –

– San Diego, CA –

Yes, we can! Many times we get calls from potential customers asking if we can fix their shattered iPhones at work. Over the past few years we’ve been to offices, bars and restaurants, movie sets, government buildings, and schools. So long as there is a table or desk we can work at, that’s all we really need. Brandon gave us a call a few days back asking if we could meet him while waiting tables at a local restaurant. Apparently, the night before his phone went flying out of his pocket, crashing onto the concrete cement next to his car. The result you can see in the picture below.

While on the phone we were able to set up a time to meet him during work. After about 25 minutes, we had Brandon’s broken 3GS iphone screen back to normal. Glad we could help. Looking forward to visiting that restaurant sometime soon.

Brandon's iPhone 3GS before
Brandon's iPhone 3GS after

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