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My 4-year-old son took a golf club to our iPod

– Claremont –

– San Diego, CA –

So was the case with Dave this past weekend. After owning it without damage for over 8 months, the family iPad finally fell victim to circumstance. On a Saturday afternoon, Dave was playing around with his son when a golf club (plastic) found its way to the front screen of Dave’s 1st Generation iPad screen. The result you can see in the pictures below.

Within hours, Dave was looking for a place in San Diego that could fix his cracked iPad screen. He was reluctant to send it away. And he definitely didn’t want to take it to Apple knowing how much it would probably cost. After a few online searches he stumbled upon a mobile service that could fix his iPad on the same day. He rang us up and was able to set up an appointment. We met Dave at his place of employment in the Claremont area and had his iPad screen looking like new within an hour. From the damage done to his iPad we could tell he son had a nice swing, we just hope keeps his eye on the ball and away from the iPad screen.

Dave's iPad before 1
Dave's iPad before 2
Dave's iPad after