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I think the glass and the LCD are broken…

– KoreaTown –

-Los Angeles, CA –

It turns out Rodney was right. The mishap a couple nights ago caused significant damage to both the glass panel and the LCD screen on his 15″ Macbook Pro Unibody. He knew right away that when he stepped on it something was going to be wrong. When he opened it up he could only make out about a quarter the screen. Fortunately, there was still enough space available on the desktop that he could do a search on the web for a Mac screen repair service in Los Angeles.

With the limited space he was working with, Rodney was able to find our service, do enough research that he felt comfortable contacting us, and finally fill out one of our repair request forms. We contacted Rodney shortly after submitting the form and we set up a time to meet him at his house in Korea Town. Sitting at the kitchen table, it took us about 45 minutes to get the glass and the broken LCD screen replaced with brand new parts. Rodney was very pleased with our service, especially the convenience and price.

Rodney's Macbook Pro before
Rodney's Macbook Pro after