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“Looking forward to seeing my fixed Macbook”…

Washington, DC –
– Via Dallas, TX-

Holly emailed our San Diego branch a few weeks ago about the glass on her 13-inch Macbook Aluminum Unibody. It was cracked right by the iSight camera, and although it didn’t really affect the use of her computer, she thought it was super annoying and wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. She sent in a repair form to Mike, our San Diego tech, and he referred her to the Ship-In Program. The same price as a local repair but two-way shipping is included for free. That sounded good to her, so the repair process started!

We emailed her a FedEx label and directions to her nearest FedEx store. She boxed up her Mac, put the label on the box, and it was sent to our nationwide repair center in Washington, DC. We replaced the glass same-day and emailed her with her payment link. She paid via PayPal, and we shipped it back. Easy!

Broken macbook glass
Holly's Macbook Before
cracked macbook glass
Holly's Macbook After



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