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Geeezzz! This is the second time this has happened.

– Little Italy –

– San Diego, CA –

Julie was not the happiest person today when she called. After getting home from work she stepped out of her car and watched her iPhone 4 go directly down, smashing on the concrete. Before she even picked it up, she knew. This had happened before. The fall had caused the glass digitizer on her phone to crack. It wasn’t as bad as the first time, but she knew it needed to be replaced. Not happy with the last service she went to, she decided to look around a little bit more until she found a service that could fix her broken iPhone 4 screen in less time.

A short Internet search later, she found our service and was curious to see if we were in fact a real company. She went through much of our website and looked at most of our reviews. She decided to give it a shot and call the number listed. When she called, we answered. Within a couple of minutes we had set up an appointment with her to meet at a local coffee shop in Little Italy. Just under 40 minutes of our meeting, we had Julie’s iPhone 4 looking like new again. Thanks for your business, Julie.

Julie’s iPhone 4 before
Julie’s iPhone 4 after