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Just a small, annoying line running down the LCD screen

– Hillcrest –

– San Diego, CA –

Kevin got in touch with us today and explained to us that his was finally fed up with the small horizontal line running down the side of the screen on his Macbook Pro. He knew it was just a matter of replacing the screen because when he plugged it into an external monitor the line did not appear. He was wondering if we’d be able to replace the LCD screen so he could go about living his life without looking at this line any longer. We told him we’d be happy to help and asked when he’d be available to meet.

We met Kevin at his home in Hillcrest and repair his Macbook Pro in just under an hour. The annoying line was gone and his Mac laptop looked brand new again. He expressed his appreciation and told us he’d be recommending us to all his Macbook owning friends. We fix broken Macbook Pro screens in Hillcrest and San Diego. We also have a nation-wide ship in program for those not near any of our local repair shops.


Kevin’s Macbook Pro before
Kevin’s Macbook Pro after


Kevin’s Macbook Pro after