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I wish I hadn’t fallen asleep with my Mac on my bed…

– Culver City –

– Los Angeles, CA –

This happens quite often. Many of our customers have left their Macbooks on their bed and have fallen asleep to wake in the morning and find the the LCD screen had cracked. Without exactly knowing how this happened, Christian was the new owner of a white 13″ Macbook with a broken screen. Not wanting to take it to the Apple store and pay a fortune to get it fixed, Christian began looking for alternatives. He got on his old PC and began looking for an LA Macbook repair service that could fix his broken Mac screen. Within minutes he was navigating our site and looking for how much it would cost to repair a broken Macbook screen. He was delighted to learn that it was going to cost him a lot cheaper than he had originally thought.

Christian filled out a repair form and got a call from us early the next morning. We set up an appointment with him to meet him at his home in Culver City and replace the screen on his Mac. We met him today and got his Macbook looking like new again. Thanks for your business, Christian. Be careful not to fall asleep next to your Mac.

Christian’s Macbook before
Christian’s Macbook after