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Sending your Mac from your work address and having us ship it back to the same place is really convenient…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Fairfield, CT-

Michelle sent us a Repair Form on Friday. She had shattered the glass on her 13-inch Macbook Pro, and was really concerned about getting it fixed. She didn’t want it to get worse, so she needed a fast repair. She saw that at one time we performed screen repairs in New York City, so she asked us if we could meet her in Manhattan. I informed her that yes, at one time I replaced screens locally in NYC, but I moved from Philadelphia to DC in September so it’s impossible for me to some up to NYC for one Macbook Pro repair. I told her that the Ship-In Program is the best thing for her, and it would be even quicker than waiting for a local repair from the other shops in her area.

I emailed her a Two-Day Air label and instructions for getting it shipped out. She sent it out on Monday and we received it today. We performed her repair today, emailed her with a before and after picture, and she paid us through PayPal. Pretty easy process, if we do say so ourselves.

Broken Macbook Pro screen
Michelle's Macbook Pro Before

Broken Macbook Pro glass
Michelle's Macbook Pro After

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