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Aspen Colorado definitely needs some quality Macbook screen repair…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Aspen, CO-

Leda emailed us a couple of days ago. She has a black 13-inch Macbook and she had a terribly cracked screen. Luckily she was on some Mac forums and stumbled upon a conversation where one of our past customers commented about how great we were for them. Leda visiting our site, read about our Ship-In Program, and knew it was for her.

We emailed her the UPS label and instructions for getting her Mac shipped out, and we received her Macbook two days later. We performed her repair same-day and it was back in her hands quicker than she could say “CrackedMacScreen.com”!

Broken screen black Macbook
Leda's Macbook Before

black cracked macbook screen
Leda's Macbook After

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