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My Mac Pro screen just went blue…

– Santa Ana –

– Orange County, CA –

Theresa was not very happy at the new color her Macbook Pro seemed to be bleeding. Although it’s seen its fair share of wear and tear over the years, she did not expect something like this to happen. She’s been very pleased with its durability and endurance, and she was hoping it’d stick around for a few more years. Unfortunately, when she woke up one more she saw that the whole LCD screen had turned blue. It looked like her broken Macbook Pro screen was taken over by a ghost. After a little closer inspection and some further research, she concluded that the screen was dying and that she would need a screen replacement.

Theresa began looking around for Mac repair services in Orange County and was keeping her fingers crossed that she’d come across one that would come to her. She was delighted when she stumbled upon our laptop screen repair service and was looking forward to getting in touch with us. After filling out our repair form, we got in touch with Theresa and set up an appointment to meet her at her home in Santa Ana. Within forty minutes we had Theresa’s 15″ Mac Pro screen looking like new.

Theresa’s Macbook Pro before
Theresa’s Macbook Pro after