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“I’m gonna go with ya’ll instead of just buying a new Macbook”…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Charleston, SC-

Andrew goes to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston and he called us up a few days ago. He has a white Macbook and needed the screen to be fixed as soon as possible. We spoke to him for about five minutes ago and gave him our opinion that it would be a lot cheaper to fix the screen than to buy a whole new Macbook. He agreed, and went online to fill out our Repair Form.

We emailed him his UPS label, he boxed up his broken screened (is that a word?) Macbook and it was shipped off to us in Washington DC. We fixed his screen same-day and he got it back two days later. Really quick, really easy!

Broken screen Macbook white fix
Andrew's Macbook Before

Broken screen Macbook
Andrew's Macbook After