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We can ship your Mac back to a different address if you’d like….

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– Via Nashville, TN-

Holly sent in a Repair Form last week about the screen on her black Macbook. Sometimes the customer description is really great, so we’d thought that we’d share it!

“My macbook was knocked off a table and fell on the floor. It is not cracked externally, but the screen seems to be splitting internally. There is an internal crack across the top and right side and then it extends down the right lower middle and across the bottom. The part that seems cracked inside is blacked out. I can still view the desktop behind the black, and there is about an 8×4 inch box in middle that looks perfectly normal. Im guessing what needs to be done is just a replacement of the screen, all other laptop functions are normal.”

Now THAT is a detailed description! We emailed Holly back to tell her that she would need her screen to be replaced and that it would be $299 with free two-way shipping. She was thrilled, but wanted to make sure that we could ship her Macbook back to a different address. We told her, “It doesn’t matter to us!”. We emailed her the UPS label, she shipped it out on Friday, we received it today, and she’s getting it back tomorrow. Easy peasy!

Black cracked Macbook screen
Holly's Macbook Before

Cracked Macbook LCD
Holly's Macbook After