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It’s OK if your dad wants to scope us out before getting your Mac screen fixed…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Richmond, VA-

Ed sent in a Repair Form for his daughter’s Macbook last week. She is a student in Richmond and was in desperate need of a screen repair for her 13-inch white polycarbonate unibody Macbook. She found our website, but her dad wanted to make sure that we were cool and that we weren’t going to steal his daughter’s Macbook. As I’ve told many many customers, it would be harder for us to fabricate all of these repairs and positive feedback than to actually run a company that has 100% satisfaction!

So anyway, we emailed Ed his UPS Two-Day label (did we mention that two-way UPS Two-Day Air shipping is included for free?) and Ed shipped out the Macbook and we got it two days later. We performed his daughter’s repair and it was back to UPS and back to her same-day!

Cracked Macbook screen
Ed's Macbook Before

broken Macbook screen LCD
Ed's Macbook After