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Most unfortunate repair in CrackedMacScreen.com history…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Miami, FL-

Well, this repair didn’t exactly go as planned but whatever, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

So Alex sent in a Repair Form a couple of weeks ago. He has a 2.4Ghz Macbook Pro with a cracked screen and a few damaged keys. He was giving the computer as a gift so he wanted to make sure it was in perfect working order before handing it off. So we agreed that we would replace the damaged keys as part of the $399 price of his screen repair, and we sent him his UPS label and instructions.

We received his computer two days later and went to replace the screen when we realized that the bezel (the frame of the screen and hinges) were from a different model Macbook Pro. This doesn’t impact the screen repair, but after hearing that the LCD would be slightly off center because of the structural differences between the A1150 and the A1226, Alex wanted a replacement bezel. We told him that we could order one but it would take a few days. He didn’t have a problem with waiting, since it was for a friend.

We received his bezel a few days later, went to replace it, and somehow during the process his I/O board shorted out. Four replacement I/O boards later (free of charge of course), Alex’s Macbook Pro was back in action and ready to be given away. And we were thrilled to give it back to him!

Broken Macbook Pro LCD
Alex's Macbook Pro Before

Broken Macbook Pro LCD LED screen fix repair
Alex's Macbook Pro After

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