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Does broken Mac screens happen often?

– Irvine –

– Orange County, CA –

We hear you. Unfortunately, as great as Apple products are, they do occasionally crack. Such was the case with Matt a couple of days ago. He was just sitting down at the kitchen table, trying to get some work done. When he was in need of a break, he got up and accidentally knocked his Macbook off the table breaking the LCD screen. With the entire screen unreadable, he wasn’t able to finish his work and was deeply frustrated with what had happened. Off the bat he was thinking that the only thing he could do would be to go buy a new Macbook computer. Fortunately, he decided to do a little internet search on his wife’s computer.

He began looking around for local computer repair services in Irvine. Some of searches included phrases like: Macbook repair Orange County, computer screen replacement in Irvine, broken Mac screen repair. During a number of these searches he kept coming across a company that was mobile and able to come to him. He dug a little deeper and finally decided to give this company that claimed to repair cracked Macbook screens a try. A repair form and phone call later, we had set up an appointment with Matt to repair his screen at his home in Irvine. He could now get back to work.

Matt's Macbook before
Matt's Macbook after

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