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“Will my cracked Macbook screen get worse over time?”

– Washington, DC –
– Via Cape Carteret, NC-

Shilpa works at the Parkerton Inn in Cape Carteret, North Carolina and sent in a Repair Form a couple days ago about the cracked screen on her white 13-inch unibody Macbook. Although only a small part of the LCD was actually cracked, she knew that it would get worse over time so she wanted to get it taken care of before it was too broken to use.

We emailed her the UPS label and instructions for getting her Macbook shipped out. Luckily for her, the UPS store was only a mile from her work so she took it there on her lunch break. We received it two days later and performed the repair same day. Did we mention that the shipping was free both ways?

Cracked white unibody Macbook lcd
Shilpa's Macbook Before

Cracked Macbook LCD
Shilpa's Macbook After

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