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“Thank you! I am telling everyone I know about you!”

– Washington, DC –
– Via Monmouth, ME-

Maine! I can’t believe it! Maine! Wahoo! So anyway, yes, Maine is the newest state to use CrackedMacScreen.com. Michelle is the newest victim of the January cracked Macbook glass bug going around. She lives in Monmouth, where there is absolutely nowhere to get your Macbook screen fixed. Seriously.

She did a couple Google searches about broken Macbook screens and cracked Macbook glass and we popped up every time! Lucky for her and lucky for us! She sent in her Repair Form, we emailed her the UPS label (shipping is free, Two-Day Air) and she was able to send out her Macbook that day.

We received it two days later and she had it two days after that. Perfect screen, perfect repair.

Broken Macbook glass
Michelle's Macbook Before

Fixed Macbook glass
Michelle's Macbook After

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