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My iPhone was just three weeks old….

– Fashion Valley –

– San Diego, CA –

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Dawn was the recent owner of an iPhone she had bought at the Fashion Valley Apple Store. It was her first iPhone after deliberating for years on whether or not she should switch from the Blackberry family. Her husband finally talked her into it, saying that she’ll love it and it will change her life. She decided to go ahead with it and buy the iPhone 4. Within three weeks of having it (and loving it), she accidentally dropped it when she was taking it out of her pocket. She cracked the screen on her new iPhone 4 and was not too happy about it.

Still being able to use the phone she quickly called her husband to share with him the bad news. Her husband calmed her down and explained to her that he’d find a iPhone repair service that could fix her cracked iPhone screen in San Diego. He began asking around and even turned to the trusty Internet. A few clicks later he found a mobile company in San Diego that could repair the screen on Dawn’s broken iPhone. He gave us a call and within minutes we had a meeting time and place to get Dawn’s iPhone 4 repaired. For all your San Diego iPhone repair needs, please don’t hesitate to call.

Dawn's iPhone 4 before
Dawn's iPhone 4 after

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Blogs Search Engine…

Blogs Search Engine…

[…] Needless to say, providing its retail workers to repair minor problems inside the shop minimizes on the amount of time customers are potentially devoid of their iPhone 3gs. This, in turn equals more happy prospects and more referrals from those now happy prospects. So, overall, this decesion was one of, if not the most intelligent moves Apple could have made for their companies success. Related BlogsSan Diego iPhone Repair Cracked Glass Replacement […]

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