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I love my daughter, I love my daughter.

– San Marcos –

– San Diego, CA –

Greg has had his 15″ Macbook Pro for nearly four years. He told us he has taken it all over the world and pointed out proudly that there wasn’t even a scratch on it. He loved his computer and was happy with it’s durability over the years. One morning, however, when he was playing around with his daughter in the comfortable of his own home, he mistakenly left his Macbook Pro a little too close to the edge of the table. When his daughter climbed up on the chair, she accidentally knocked Greg’s Macbook Pro on the floor, cracking the LCD screen. When he picked it up he saw that the screen had lines running throughout. He couldn’t be mad at his daughter as it wasn’t her fault the computer was so close to the edge of the table, but he was a little bothered thinking he’d have to pay a fortune for another computer.

Fortunately, he stumbled across a local computer repair service in San Diego that fixes Macbook screens. He searched through our site and saw several of our reviews. Within a couple of minutes he was filling out our repair form, not knowing if he’d ever hear back from such a service. Lo and behold, a few minutes later a member of our repair team was on the phone with him setting up an appointment. We met him at his home in San Marcos and repaired the LCD screen on his Macbook Pro in less than an hour.

Greg's Macbook Pro before
Greg's Macbook Pro after

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