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Broken iPhone Screen = No Fun!

– Mission Valley –

– San Diego, CA –

Kim gave us a call today and told us about the sad condition her iPhone 3GS was in. Kim had been walking home from work the other night when she took her iPhone out from her purse and dropped it right on the concrete, cracked the glass digitizer and making the screen look like a spider web. She was not a happy camper, thinking that it would cost a whole lot of money to get her iPhone repaired in San Diego. Not wanting to take it to the Apple store, she began looking for alternatives online. After a few minutes of searching on Google and Yelp, she found a local repair service in San Diego that could meet her at her home and replace the glass on her iPhone 3GS screen – on the SAME DAY too!

Kim was hooked. Calling on her cracked iPhone, she got in touch with a member of our repair team and set up an appointment to get her broken iPhone fixed. We met Kim at her apartment in Mission Valley and replaced the glass screen on her iPhone 3GS in less than 30 minutes. Glad we could help, Kim!

Kim's iPhone before
Kim's iPhone after

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