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We love dogs, especially when we are doing screen repairs!

– Bethesda, MD –

Sam emailed us last week from Bethesda, MD about her 15-inch Macbook Pro Unibody. She had smacked the front of the glass a few months ago and cracked it, which wasn’t that bad apparently. She told us that “I am the type of person that it has to be really bad for me to do anything about it.” It became “really bad” when she dropped the Macbook Pro off of a coffee table. The glass was cracked prettyyyy badly.

We met her at her work in Bethesda, which happened to be a doggy parlor. Little dogs everywhere, including a ginormous German Shepherd which was not liking our heat gun while we performed the glass replacement. Luckily we got out of there in about an hour, leaving Sam with a perfect Macbook Pro once again!

Broken Macbook Pro Glass Bethesda, MD
Sam's Broken Macbook Pro Glass Before
Fixed Macbook Pro Glass bethesda, MD
Sam's Broken Macbook Glass After