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Doing Macbook screen repairs at local highschools makes us feel old…

– Wyncote, PA –
– Cheltenham High School –

Ian is a teacher at Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, PA, and unfortunately he was involved in a pretty serious car accident a couple of months ago. The worst part about it was that his Macbook was in the back seat and it flew forward during the crash and cracked the screen. Ian had been putting up with it for a while, but decided that enough was enough and sent us a Repair Form to get his Macbook repaired (finally!).

We met him at his work (Cheltenham High School) and did the repair in the Athletic Director’s office, while kids filed in and out checking out our work. In about 25 minutes, Ian’s Macbook was back in action, and we were saved by the bell! Literally. Homeroom was over, and we left!

Macbook cracked LCD
Ian's Macbook Before
Macbook cracked lcd after
Ian's Macbook After