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Calling home to Vietnam to tell your parents about your broken Macbook Pro isn’t fun…

– Philadelphia, PA –
– Saint Joseph’s University –

Yen is an international student at Saint Joseph’s University. She had the extreme misfortune of grabbing her Macbook Pro’s glass to hard, shattering it in a couple places. Yen was just going to survive with the broken glass, but she was worried that it would get worse and that it would hurt the LCD. Luckily for Yen, she remembered a flyer that we had put up on her campus last year, so she Googled us and found our website. She filled out the Repair Form and we exchanged a few emails.

A couple days later, we met her at her apartment building and in about 45 minutes, her Macbook Pro was fixed and back in action. She was so happy that she could call her parents again and tell them that we saved the day!

Broken Macbook pro glass
Yen's Macbook Pro Before
Macbook Pro cracked glass after
Yen's Macbook Pro After