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Broken glass on your Macbook Pro may scratch the LCD eventually…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Brooklyn, NY-

Elizabeth was incredibly worried that her new 13-inch Macbook Pro would get even more screwed up after she broke the glass, so she took it to one of the many Apple Stores in New York City. She was told that it would be $900 to get her glass replaced, which as you can imagine, is more than she was willing to pay. She did a quick Google search when she got home for “New York City Macbook Pro Glass Repair” and found our site! How lucky was she!

She filled out our Ship-In Repair Form which we answered in about 45 minutes. We explained the process, how her Macbook Pro would be send via UPS Two-Day Air to us in DC and shipped back to her free of charge.

We received her Macbook Pro two days later, replaced the glass, and it was shipped back to her. Easy peasy!

Macbook Pro glass replacement
Elizabeth's Macbook Pro Before
Macbook Pro glass fix
Elizabeth's Macbook Pro After

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