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Broken Macbook Pro glass and a slightly broken frame? We can probably handle that…

– Washington, DC –
– Via New York City, NY-

Jon sent us a Repair Form last week about his 15-inch Macbook Pro Unibody. He had dropped the computer multiple times, but this final time he had cracked the glass on the bottom left corner of the screen. He needed it fixed fast, so he opted to upgrade to our overnight shipping option for only $30 extra. We emailed him his UPS overnight label, and he shipped in his Macbook Pro that day.

We received it and immediately noticed that not only was the glass cracked, but the actual frame of the display assembly underneath the glass was cracked as well. We had to completely disassemble his assembly and epoxy his frame back together. It ended up working out perfectly and you couldn’t even tell that we had to repair the frame. Needless to say, Jon was thrilled.

Broken glass Macbook Pro
Jon's Macbook Pro Before

Broken Macbook Pro glass fix
Jon's Macbook Pro After

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