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Black Macbook screen repair in West Palm Beach, Florida? We’re on it!

– Washington, DC –
– Via West Palm Beach, FL-

Ash lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, where there are literally no Macbook or Macbook Pro screen repair companies. He was unfortunate enough to drop his black Macbook on the kitchen floor, breaking the LCD. He was in a rush (as everyone is) so he needed it fixed fast. He first called us then sent in a Repair Form. We explained the process, how we would be emailing him a UPS label and instructions.

He shipped out his Macbook that day, we got it two days later, and his Macbook screen was fixed and back in his hands two days after that!

Broken Macbook screen
Ash's Macbook Before

Broken Macbook LCD Palm Beach
Ash's Macbook After

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