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We love it when your background picture is something really funny…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Milwaukee, WI-

Willy sent us a Repair From from Milwaukee, and this is what he said was wrong with his Mac: “The screen got hit from the back side with a swinging microphone. Now on the right side of the screen, there’s an area that’s cracked in the shape of the mic, as well as vertical colored and white lines. Some areas around the circle are black. I would say I need a new screen.” Lucky for Willy, this is our specialty.

We emailed Willy a UPS label and he took his Macbook Pro right to the UPS store and had it shipped out that day. We repaired his computer the same day that we received it (two days later), and he had his Macbook Pro back on Friday. Perfect timing, perfect repair. Oh, and his desktop picture was hilarious.

Broken LCD Macbook pro
Willy's Macbook Pro Before

Broken Macbook Pro screen
Willy's Macbook Pro After

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