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We love exchanging emails with both the husband and the wife…

– Washington, DC –
– Via Pompano Beach, FL-

George contacted us from Pompano Beach, Florida through our HELP button on the right side of our website. We responded to him about his broken screen on his 15-inch Macbook Pro, and then we got a reply from his wife Candi. We responded to her, and got a response from George. This continued until we explained our repair process, and we got a reply from both of them saying that they would love to send us their computer!

We emailed George a UPS label and he had their Macbook Pro sent off to us that day. They had their Macbook Pro back by the end of the week, and we emailed both George and Candi to thank them!

Macbook Pro cracked LCD
George's Macbook Pro Before

Macbook pro broken screen
George's Macbook Pro After

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