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Is this year over yet?

– Santa Monica-

– Los Angeles, CA –

Fumiko was the unfortunate owner of a Macbook that had recently gone through a bit of trauma. With work being hectic and the stresses of the end of the year piling up, Fumiko had dropped her laptop when she was getting out of the car a few days ago. The result you can see in the picture below. A friend had a similar problem not too long ago and told Fumiko that the black cracked in her LCD screen would eventually get worse and worse. She was not happy hearing this and was equally unhappy anticipating paying a fortune to get it fixed.

The same friend who comforted Fumiko told her about a company she had read about a couple weeks prior. All she could really remember, though, was the company had a great name and could repair broken Macbook in Los Angeles for a lot cheaper than what Apple charges. They did a little research together and decided to fill out our repair form to see what would happen. Shortly after doing that they got a note back from us asking what her schedule looked like for the remainder of the week. We met Fumiko at her apartment in Santa Monica and got her cracked Mac screen back to normal working order in less than 40 minutes. Hope the rest of the year treats you well, Fumiko! The new year is right around the corner.

Fumiko’s Macbook before

Fumiko's Macbook after
Fumiko’s Macbook after

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