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It’s been like this for months…

– UCLA –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Omar has been using his Macbook with a broken LCD screen for nearly 6 months. It had been cracked so long that he even forgot how he cracked it in the first place. Nearing the end of semester at UCLA and finally having some extra cash in his pocket, Omar began searching around for a service that could repair his Macbook screen in the Los Angeles area. A few clicks here and a few clicks there, Omar stumbled on our site. He spent a few minutes searching through our blog posts as well as spending some time getting to know how our service works. Once he felt comfortable he filled out our Repair Form and shortly after received a reply email from us saying we’d be happy to meet up and get his broken laptop screen fixed.

We met Omar the next day at a local fast food restaurant. He said it was close to where he worked, had plenty of parking space (parking in West LA can be tricky), and he could grab a sandwich while we repaired his Macbook. 40 minutes later we had Omar’s Macbook looking like new again. He was anxious to get the new semester started without having to look at a broken LCD screen anymore.

Omar’s Macbook before

Omar’s Macbook after

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