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Macbook Broken = Life Over

– El Cajon –

– San Diego, CA –

This is what was going through Darren’s head after learning the he had a huge cracked running through the LCD screen of his 3-year-old Macbook. When we asked him how he had broken the screen, he couldn’t quite recall. He knew it was have happened during his travels to and from school. Darren packs his Macbook along with his school textbooks. We concluded it must have happened as a result of too much pressure on the screen.

Darren found us through a Craigslist search. He typed in “Macbook repair in San Diego” and we popped right up. He told us he spent a great deal of time looking around for repair services in San Diego that can fix broken or cracked Macbooks. Some of his other searches included Mac Repair San Diego, Macbook Broken LCD Screen Repair El Cajon, Fix My Macbook in San Diego, and Shattered LCD Screen Fix. Darren filled out our repair form and we got right back to him. We set up an appointment for the next day in El Cajon at a local coffee shop. Within 40 minutes we had Darren’s Mac back and looking like new.

Darren’s Macbook before

Darren’s Macbook after

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