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There are a few horizontal lines running down the screen…

– Santa Monica –

– Los Angeles, CA –

Can you help? Yes, we can! Angelo filled out a Repair Form the other day simply stating that there were horizontal lines down the screen on his black 13″ Macbook screen. As you can see from the picture below, he was still able to make out most of the desktop. A few weeks ago Angelo had dropped his Mac on the floor and the lines came out of nowhere. Now he was sick and tired of looking at the broken LCD screen on his Macbook. He began looking for mobile services in Los Angeles that could meet him in Santa Monica and repair his Mac screen affordably and efficiently.

He found a forum that discuss ways to repair broken or cracked Macbook screens. In several of the posts participants made mentioned of a wonderful service called www.crackedmacscreen.com. He decided to check us out to find out if we were real or not. After a few clicks he found dozens of positive reviews for crackedmacscreen.com. We were delighted. Angelo filled out a Repair Form and we got in touch with him right away. We worked out a time and place for us to meet and get his Macbook repaired in Santa Monica. Within 40 minutes we had Angelo’s black Macbook LCD replaced and looking like new.

Angelo’s Macbook before

Angelo’s Macbook after

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